2.5 I am a fan of R.L Stine's Fear Street series I have only read a couple of them but I enjoy them for a quick and cheesy read However, this one is my least favorite so far It was very predictable and cliche and had no real mystery leading up because it was so predictable The characters were hard to connect with and the main character was so naive and annoying that it was hard to feel any sympathy with her She made questionable decisions the entire book even though her cousin and boyfriend are missing It was a frustrating read but I did laugh a little at some parts It was a fun read but it is my least favorite of the Fear Street series so far. This was a quick and easy horror read!! I highly recommend reading these books during Halloween! Loved it and it turned dark real quick! I also liked how there weren’t like filllers and the story didn’t drag! Yaay I’m gonna readbooks by RL Stone! This book was very weird Sad that Tina wasn't able to have her weekend with Josh Glad Holly's okay though I wonder if the characters in the book ever get PTSD. You're boyfriend and cousin are missing, the guy you're hanging out with is kind of a stalker, and instead of going to the police you go to a carnival? Really? This was, in my opinion, definitely one of the weakest books of the Fear Street series You can predict what happens from the start and there's no twist (even though I think there could've been a cool one if only the story were longer, but alas) Also,why make the main character of the story so well, stupid? She just blindly trusts this guy who says is her boyfriend's roommate even though she never met him before She knows nothing about him, or any of these people and she just trusts them.I rolled my eyes so many timesIf you want a short, quick scare there are much better stories in the Fear Street series. Welp, ponytail Chris lives to see another day, I suppose Tina, I hope you’re smarter about crazy staring you right in the face next time. i think it was a good story cause it was interesting and fun trying to find out about whats going to happen next. Nightmare weekendNothing can ruin Tina River’s big weekend at Patterson College with her boyfriend, Josh Martin She’s so excited, she doesn’t even mind that her cousin, Holly, will be tagging alongBut when Tina and Holly arrive, Josh is gone His roommate, Christopher Roberts, says Josh is stuck in the mountains, delayed by car trouble That’s weird—Josh never mentioned he was going awayIt gets even weirder when Holly suddenly disappears But Christopher isn’t worried—about Holly or Josh Christopher seems to have the answer to everything Tina is confused But one thing is clear—she’s about to learn about love and murder than she ever wanted to know I'm shook!!!2.5/5 I always read those books growing up and I still love to read them I really enjoyed this book It had good characters and it was very suspenseful.