In , a pair of sistersArwen and Elanorcalling thems'elves the Elf Queen's Daughters EQD emerged upon the PaganWiccan scene They wrote fascinating esoteric letters of elven lore and philosophy that, when they really got going, were sent out in groups of three every week Within months of their first publication, many other kindred joined the sisters and established vortexes around the US and some outside of the US where those interested, who had heard the Call, could write to awakened Elves Among these vortexes was the Elves of the Southern Woodlands in Carbondale, Illinois, established by Zardoa who would, some years later after the sisters ceased writing them, take on the Dharma of creating the elf letters, first in Florida under the name the Sylvan Elves and later in California as the Silver Elves Silver Flame, his faithful sisterlover companion, soon joined him and they've been pursuing the Dharma ever since This book is the first volume containing the original letters of the EQD a Frasority of Elves and were contributed by the founders of the EQD, Arwen and Elanor, and the commentaries are written by the Silver Elves We know you will enjoy reading these magical letters as much as we do and find the path of the Elven Way beautiful and enchanting