Set Set in a small coastal village in Ghana, “Gatekeepers” explores the coming of the WorldSaviour of the end times from the perspective of six World Religions; demonstrates the essential oneness of the Religions; and makes a case for unity amongst the followers of these Religions in the search for this divine world Figure The story unfolds with the arrival, from the US, of Kojo Apiata and his American wife, at his ancestral home of Bibiriba, on the shores of Ghana, for what was intended to be a short visit Little did he imagine then, that he would be entrusted with the affairs of this remote community as the village Chief, and that those affairs would draw him slowly but inexorably into the vortex of a search for the Promised Redeemer of the end times, a search that was soon to widen to assume global dimensions Fictional novel A book to read if one wishes to learnabout the return of Christ, the coming of the Mahdi, the appearance of Shah Bahram, or the manifestaton of Maitreya.