From New York Times bestselling author Robin LaFevers comes the follow up to “sharp and breathless” Kirkus Reviews historical fantasy Courting Darkness Set in the world of the beloved His Fair Assassin series, this is perfect for fans of Leigh Bardugo and Game of ThronesWhen you count Death as a friend, who can stand as your enemy? Sybella, novitiate of the convent of Saint Mortain and Death’s vengeance on earth, is still reeling from her God’s own passing, and along with him a guiding hand in her bloody work But with her sisters on the run from their evil brother and under the watchful eye of her one true friend and love at court, the soldier known as Beast, Sybella stands alone as the Duchess of Brittany’s protector After months of seeking her out, Sybella has finally made contact with a fellow novitiate of the convent, Genevieve, a mole in the French court But when Genevieve mistakenly draws the attention of the French king to the convent of Saint Mortain and its deadly arts, she may do her sisters and herself harm than good Sybella, having already drawn the ire of the French regent, may not be able to depend on her sister and ally as much as she hoped Still, Death always finds a way, even if it’s not what one expects No one can be trusted and the wolves are always waiting in this thrilling conclusion to the Courting Darkness duology, set in the world of Robin’s beloved His Fair Assassins trilogy

10 thoughts on “Igniting Darkness

  1. Helena of Eretz ✰ Helena of Eretz ✰ says:

    I received this complimentary ARC from the publisher, courtesy of NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.

  2. Wendy Darling Wendy Darling says:

    Annnd now I have a 2019 shelf. o.O

  3. Lena Lena says:

    Man, those last 50 pages were intense! The book ended too abruptly for my liking but everything before that was splendid and just what I want from historical fantasy. Knowing the author has done thorough research on the topic makes me take off my hat before her because not only did she manage to accurately represent the living conditions and customs of that time, she also tried to stay as true to the historical events as possible.
    All the characters were delighting and almost felt like real people to me and while I still have some questions as to the whereabouts of certain individuals, I am happy to say that I'm mostly satisfied with this conclusion. Mostly.
    The thing about historical fiction is that it tends to drag and through parts of the book it felt like they were going back and forth a lot, accusing one another before the king, betraying and killing, trying to cover it up just to have someone else tell on them. But then again, that time in history is infamous for its cruel reputation and boy am I glad I wasn't born in medieval times.
    I don't know what it was but this new duology didn't have the same vibe to it than the 'His Fair Assassin' trilogy and was largely lacking in the romance department, very much to my disappointment :(

  4. Natalie Natalie says:

    I received a sampler copy of this book to read in exchange for an honest review via netgalley and the publishers.

    The sampler I received was only 100 pages but I was gripped after the first 20. This book is fantastic so far and I really want to continue reading it all asap!
    The characters are diverse and strong female leads and the story is intriguing.
    This is a must read for Throne of Glass, Game of Thrones or Leigh Bardugo fans!

  5. Laura ☾ Laura ☾ says:

    Honestly, as a finale I was a bit let down by this.

    The multiple POV style is not executed well enough here, and the narrative just felt disjointed and didn't flow!

    I felt quite bored through a lot of this, which is a shame as I rather liked the first book in the duology and the original trilogy!

    Also, I really didn't connect with Maraud's narrative at all in this? Which is odd since I quite liked him in Courting Darkness

  6. AJ AJ says:

    I’m soooo happy to read this a whole month early! 😭

  7. Inkslinger Inkslinger says:


    ARC provided by NetGalley and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. All opinions are mine and freely given.

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    Is our meeting a secret?
    She sends me a scathing look over her shoulder. No. I want to sneak up on the herald before I have him announce our arrival.

    03-13: I was eager to explore the sampler for 'Igniting Darkness,' the final novel in the 'Courting Darkness' duology by Robin LaFevers.

    ​I've seen the first book around quite a lot in the review and bookstagram communities and wanted to see what it was all about. I was certain I was missing something. The story summaries both sound really good and the covers are beautiful.
    Unfortunately, this read was very underwhelming for me.

    Those who are familiar with me, know I talk about this all the time. Multiple POV storytelling is tough. When it's done well, it broadens the scope of understanding, helps the reader connect solidly with the story, and provides more room to maneuver character path outcomes.

    While this novel is structurally sound, it's also a good example of an author who shouldn't be writing multiple POV. At least, not yet. As LaFevers skills go, that one is woefully underdeveloped. Though each of the characters is saying different things, conveying different experiences.. the author fails to distinguish between their narratives. They all speak in the same 'voice' and the result is uninspired. When pairs of them come together for an exchange, there are times you have to work to recognize which character is speaking.

    It's just one uninteresting, monotonous line of text after the other and it shouldn't be that way. Honestly, there is palace intrigue, betrayals, subterfuge, hidden machinations.. all around. There are secret sects and talk of poisonings! These are not the types of things that should be lackluster plot points, but there is no draw to any of it.

    Likewise, there's no pull to any of the characters themselves. They are paper thin, not only lacking distinctive voices, but also a sense of earnestness. If they're feeling things, that's not making it off the pages. We're told they're having emotions.. but the author fails to make us experience them. Excuses and explanations for past actions fall from their lips without any expression of passion beyond an appropriately placed bit of punctuation.

    What a disappointment.


  8. Michelle Michelle says:

    When did the publication date move?? It’s October now! That is so far away!! :(

    2019: Damn that cover! Literally on fire. 🔥❤️

  9. Bookish Selkie Bookish Selkie says:

    Thanks to the author, publisher, and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read an excerpt of Igniting Darkness! This excerpt picks up right where the last book left off. Genevieve has been reunited with the convent and now must face the consequences of the choices she’s made. Beast and Sybella’s sisters are on the run while Sybella stalls for time. Robin’s writing remains crisp, descriptive and compelling. Love these characters and I'm so excited to see more of them. I can’t wait to read this book!

  10. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    Ugh...summer 2020! Kill me now.