4.5 5 stars for this one Read my full review here The Nordic Noir genre has brought a sense of realism to the crime fiction world that I have high regard for, with its appreciation for the daily grind behind so much of police work and its wider social and political commentary In Ordeal, Lier Horst brings a tale of everyday life in a neighbourhood which is reassuringly ordinary and chimes with readers Combining the rigour and stringency of a police procedural with humane investigators, Ordeal exposes the darker element of an ever changing society and Wisting understands that both people, including police personal, and procedures can be fatally flawed.Ordeal is the fifth of the William Wisting novels to be translated into English and sees Wisting aged fifty five, a widowed man, father to two adult twins and soon to become a grandfather Wisting is an upstanding and earnest policeman and along with high standards for his work he makes time for his family and colleagues and has risen through the ranks to become Chief Inspector of CID for Larvik Police Thankfully free of the neuroses that plague so many of the Nordic Noir crime fighters he has a keen social awareness and a refreshingly normal relationship with both women and alcohol A career policeman he may be but Wisting is not blinkered to the darker side of human nature and his understanding and acceptance that humans err and his job is evolving constantly is fundamental to the man.Ordeal sees Wisting under fire from his superiors with the si . Nordic Noir is a thing at the moment some brilliant books arriving on our doorstep and Ordeal was such a book distinctly atmospheric, with its own peculiar vibe I enjoyed it very much.A great mix of police procedural and intensley intriguing character study, Jorn Lier Horst weaves a clever and perfectly paced tale around his main protagonists and has a clear and descriptive eye for interpersonal relationships that allows the reader to fully absorb into their world.The mystery element is expertly done, Ordeal is light on action, heavy on authenticity, a quietly addictive read that keeps you turning those pages I have a fondness for crime fiction with real soul, coming from writers that know how to engage and hold attention as the author did here, Ordeal is very much its own thing and that was the draw for Reading Blindgang Author J Rn Lier Horst Ivogue.co.uk Samotna Matka, Sofie Lund, Przeprowadza Si Z Roczn C Reczk Maj Do Domu, Kt Ry Odziedziczy A Po Dziadku, Trudnym W Kontaktach Cz Owieku, Od Lat Pozostaj Cym W Kr Gu Zainteresowania Policji Sofie Postanawia Wynaj Firm Sprz Taj C , Aby Wyrzuci Z Domu Wszystkie Pami Tki Po Krewnym, O Kt Rym Najch Tniej Chcia Aby Zapomnie Pozostaje Po Nim Tylko Sejf, Przytwierdzony Na Sta E Do Pod Ogi W Piwnicy. SWEDISH REVIEW Blindg ng r den f rsta boken jag har l st i William Wisting serien och trots att det r bok 10 s hade jag inga problem med att h nga med i handlingen Jag kom att gilla William Wisting och hans dotter redan fr n b rjan Jag tyckte att de hade en v ldigt fin relation och jag r nyfiken p Lines situation d hon r gravid och pappan till barnet r en amerikansk polis som bor i Amerika Jag m ste verkligen l sa de tidigare b ckerna f r att f reda p varf r han var i Norge och arbetade och hur de tr ffades.Handlingen var intressant, en f rsvunnen taxif rare, ett mord och ett upphittat vapen som har kopplingar med varandra Jag gillade verkligen hur b de William och Line r involverade i fallet p olika s tt och hur slumpm ssiga m ten och handlingar till slut ger svar p g tan med vad som k nde med taxichauff ren Jens Hummel.Boken r oerh rt v lskriven och sp nnande att l sa och jag tyckte att slutet i r tteg ngssalen r otroligt bra Tack till Lind Co f r recensionexemplaretENGLISH REVIEW Ordeal is the first book I have read in the William Wisting series and, despite this being book, 10 didn t I have any problems getting into the story Instead In the latest William Wisting novel, Horst takes the reader on another wonderful adventure, where the law and justice meet, if only for a moment After months of no leads on the case of a missing taxi driver and his vehicle, Wisting is forced to push it to the side Juggling work and the potential of the early stages of a new relationship, Wisting must also focus on his daughter, Line, who is eight months pregnant and has just returned to raise her child alone When Line meets an old school friend, Sofie Lund, they rekindle the acquaintance, which leads to a pact of mutual assistance in all areas related to single motherhood When Sofie reveals that she is living in her grandfather s old home, Line is than happy to help her sort things out, which includes getting into an old safe in the basement, the contents of which prove highly suspect Along with the discovery, Sofie must also admit that her grandfather, Frank Mandt, is a notorious criminal and smuggler from decades past, a mark she wis 3.5 stars and a wider plot than in the usual Wisting But I rounded it up for the baby Ingrid s birth It s always the best days of all when the babies come It is to me.William is pushed a farther than usual inquiry even within a homicide tangent to a missing case Because these bad guys are rather cabal length and wide as opposed to the random local inebriate And there is a new character friend of Line who is an old prime school buddy and she s interesting and owns a recently deceased mob chief Grandpa Who has left her a bundle and a mansion.Some of these Norway perps getting caught just don t ring true to me, regardless of the smooth series Of course, they probably equate to equal real desserts Hardly And you never hear of them again after the confession Trial Sentence But beyond that larger crime picture come on that girl who was hitting the registers for herself at Suzanne s place What thief with that kind of calculated and reasoned method wo , fans Horst Horst , Horst . This is character driven police procedural set in small town Norway, along the lines of Wallander or Beck It places realistic human characters at the core of a criminal investigation the discovery of a dead body juxtaposed alongside everyday domestic concerns A meticulously crafted criminal plot runs in parallel to the events in Chief Inspector William Wisting s personal life But Wisting is not the typical melancholic, self destructive fictional detective, and this is not a book about the bleak extremes of the human soul Which is why the title doesn t quite suit it As the tenth book in the Wisting series, Ordeal comes with a fully developed cast and a useful previously on intro at the front A relatively simple missing persons investigation in his district becomes much complicated when it develops links to other police districts and parallel enquiries The pleasingly detailed routines of Wisting s investigation are shadowed by his rising concern that a miscarriage of justice is in process and how he reacts to that troubling scenario, in the face of concerted opposition from his colleagues becomes the main theme of a multi faceted story.Refreshingly free from implausible action sequences, Ordeal also doesn t delve into particularly explicit sex or violence, nor does it aim for an atmosphere of high tension The plot is intriguing and intelligent, not driven by pulse pounding suspense It s written in crisp, clear, no nonsense language which es