Liber Aelph is a message from the Silver Elves to their magical children, grandchildren, children s children s children and those who come after, including their own s elves in future lifetimes It is a guideline for awakening elves to follow as they proceed into the future and the Age of Faerie to come Yet, it is not a children s book, save for those very mature children, the elves who like Peter Pan that refuse to grow up and who look to life with the eyes of a child and the heart of the ever young It is a book of elfin magic and all elves, awakened or awakening, can gain from its wisdom and wry view of life

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    We would like to acknowledge Bedivere the Unicorn featured on the cover of this book, who was raised by Oberon Zell Ravenheart, author of Grimoire For the Apprentice Wizard We also give Oberon a special thanks for his friendship.