Patricia Crowther s Lid Off the Cauldron is a very well embodied introductory book to the Craft The pages are filled with information intrinsic to the Craft The book is thoughtful in the way it teaches but also in how the author has chosen to keep the mystery just that, a mystery I am a pre initiate to an Oath bound Mystery Tradition and would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in adopting or diversifying their paradigm. We are delighted to make this classic book available again Patricia Crowther, a practising witch since , lifts the lid off the cauldron of witchcraft and reveals some fascinating ingredients She explores the history of the Craft and the methods and theory behind magic and initiation Patricia details spells, chants, prayers, methods of divination and ancient symbols, combined with the wisdom and experience of a leading, knowledgeable witch who has had a high standing in witchcraft since the time of the revival in the early s I read this book as I am interested in which craft I do like to cast spells and do my own tarot readings This book has inspired me to lookinto Wicca and to try to do my spells properly with an alter. A really great book for the history of British Traditional Wicca It really shows what was known at the time it was published I really like Patricia Crowther s writing style and voice and would readfrom her in the future