Sadie and Will Foust have only just moved their family from bustling Chicago to smalltown Maine when their neighbor, Morgan Baines, is found dead in her home The murder rocks their tiny coastal island, but no one is shaken than Sadie, who is terrified by the thought of a killer in her very own backyardBut it’s not just Morgan’s death that has Sadie on edge It’s their eerie old home, with its decrepit decor and creepy attic, which they inherited from Will’s sister after she died unexpectedly It’s Will’s disturbed teenage niece Imogen, with her dark and threatening presence And it’s the troubling past that continues to wear at the seams of their familyAs the eyes of suspicion turn toward the new family in town, Sadie is drawn deeper into the mystery of Morgan’s death But Sadie must be careful, for the she discovers about Mrs Baines, the she begins to realize just how much she has to lose if the truth ever comes to light

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  1. Nilufer Ozmekik Nilufer Ozmekik says:

    Four I’m so freaking dizzy after so many twists, I felt like the earth moved under me and the rug pulled out from my feet over and over again, get your tickets for crazy train ride, because Mary Kubica wrote another surprising, fast pacing, heart throbbing thriller stars

    So our facts:

    A dysfunctional family consisted of two little boys (Tate, this family’s the most regular kid and Otto who brought his school a knife to avenge his bullies), Sadie the mother who had troubled past, suffering from bipolar disorder, keeping so many secrets and recently resigned her job from a hospital, Will, flirty husband who probably cheated on his wife moved to Maine to embrace a new family member, Will’s niece Imogen(violent, hostile, loner) who will start to live with them after her mother’s loss.( There is possibility she might have killed her! Yes, great addition to this creepy family!)

    Let’s add Camille and the mouse to the equation. Camille seems like the stalker of the family who wants to replace Sadie and become “Other Mrs.”, having an affair with Will.(That’s what she says, we still didn’t hear Will’s side of the story till the end of the book.)
    We still don’t know the poor little girl nicknamed “Mouse”, suffering from her monster stepmother’s abuses. (Is she really suffering or is she a pathological liar? We’re still in the dark!)

    As soon as they moved to their house, their neighbor Morgan was murdered. Don’t say please: “It’s always the husband!” This time he had an alibi. Don’t you think, it’s a coincidence that the murder occurred after the lovely family’s moving to the new house? No, I don’t think so and you shouldn’t, too.

    Police officer Berg suspects Sadie for the murder. But Sadie claimed she barely know the victim. When we read her POV, we may agree that she is telling the truth. But we also read Camille and mouse side of the story and we got confused. There are so many missing pieces and unfitted parts of the puzzle. Who was telling the truth? Who killed the neighbor? WHY ALL THE CHARACTERS OF
    THIS BOOK (instead of Tate) IS SO SPOOKY, DREADFUL? The vibes we got for them so suspicious made you felt like a lie detector, any time they start to talk, you start to blip because most things come out their mouths are not true.

    So good! Thanks to my spider senses I solved it a little earlier but twist and twist and twist make you whirl your head like a helicopter tour from Vegas to Grand Canyon which meant it is great kind of dizziness! Get ready for surprises and big revelations. Nothing as it seems. So give your full concentration not be fooled.

    I loved most of Mary Kubica’s smart writing and her great psychological analysis of her characters. She is one of the gifted writers. “Good Girl” was my favorite book of hers. “When The Lights Go Out” was a little disappointment for me. So I was hesitated before starting this book. But the first pages captured my heart and my mind at the same time and I knew from the beginning, this is right kind of thriller for me. Thankfully I didn’t get wrong!

    Special thanks to Park Row and NetGalley for sending me this great ARC COPY in exchange my honest review.


  2. Meredith Meredith says:

    I just didn’t buy it!

    The Other Mrs. is a psychological thriller about a wife and husband, the other woman, and murder in a small town.

    Sadie and Will move from Chicago to a small town in Maine looking for a fresh start. Having inherited an old house and a creepy niece to care for, they have challenges ahead of them. When one of their neighbors is murdered, it hits too close to home, causing Sadie to lose herself in the drama surrounding the victim. But all is not what it seems, and Sadie is unknowingly putting her life in danger.

    The Other Mrs. is a fast-paced read with an intriguing premise (I can’t say too much about the plot without giving the twist away). There are multiple POV’s: Sadie, a little girl named Mouse, “The Other Woman,” and Will. I figured out the twist early on, but I have read similar storylines and it is one I usually enjoy, so I didn’t mind this aspect as I was more interested in seeing how a certain issue was going to be revealed. I was chugging along and enjoying this until I got to the final chapters. This is where the book lost me, as another twist opened up a can of worms that had me asking question after question and shaking my head in sheer disbelief. What was a fun read quickly deteriorated into a mess that I couldn’t read my way out of.

    I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

  3. Dita Dita says:

    Murder on a small coastal island town. Many twists, turns, alternating POVs spread out over a generous timeline.

    I felt this one dragged some in the middle but when it went? It zoomed!

    Thank you to Mary Kubica, HARLEQUIN – Trade Publishing (U.S. & Canada) Park Row and NetGalley for giving me this book in exchange for an honest review.

  4. Dorie - Cats&Books :) Dorie - Cats&Books :) says:


    4 ½ stars rounded down to 4 because of some believability issues, but it’s great entertainment.

    This was a fast paced, quick read that had a deeper plot than I thought when I began the book. I have read Ms.Kubica before and I knew I was in for a good ride!

    From the blurb for the book you will know this : “Sadie and Will Foust have only just moved their family from bustling Chicago to small-town Maine when their neighbor, Morgan Baines, is found dead in her home. The murder rocks their tiny coastal island, but no one is more shaken than Sadie, who is terrified by the thought of a killer in her very own backyard.

    But it’s not just Morgan’s death that has Sadie on edge. It’s their eerie old home, with its decrepit decor and creepy attic, which they inherited from Will’s sister after she died unexpectedly. It’s Will’s disturbed teenage niece Imogen, with her dark and threatening presence. And it’s the troubling past that continues to wear at the seams of their family”

    I really enjoyed that blurb because it doesn’t give anything away about the “real” threads that are running through this story.

    Sadie never wanted to move to Maine, she’s a city girl, she enjoyed the fast pace of the Chicago hospital Emergency Room. Here she is left to deal with the mundane, flu, arthritis, sprains and breaks. But she’s willing to put up with living in the creepy house with the almost silent, often foul mouthed teen who comes along with the inheritance. Anything for a fresh start.

    Sadie worries about her oldest son, Otto, who has a history of being bullied. He just never seems to fit in anywhere. Her youngest son, Tate, seems to love it so far, the freedom of running with his dogs in the backyard, his new school, he is adapting well.

    Sadie still hasn’t forgiven Will for the affair that he admitted to before they left Chicago, they have an icy relationship. She still cringes at his touches even though he seems to be doing all he can to make this new move work. He is a professor with limited classes to teach so he is basically the “stay at home dad” ferrying their young son Tate to and from classes and being there to cook, clean, etc so Sadie can come home to a quiet house and a warm dinner.

    The murder of their neighbor Morgan, whom Sadie hasn’t met throws everyone in the family and their small town into a frenzy. Will knew her from talking to her in the neighborhood. There are some conflicting stories from their neighbors however, they seem to feel that Sadie did know Morgan, that they saw them fighting when they were outside. Sadie denies this vehemently.

    When talking about the murder Sadie says to Will as they are watching Jeffrey Baines, the murder victim’s husband, returning home from abroad “Do you think he did it” ….. When Will doesn’t answer my question, I hear myself mutter, “It’s always the husband”. This time his reply is quick “He was out of the country Sadie. Why would you think he had anything to do with this?” “It’s just, if you watch the news long enough, that’s the way it seems to be. Unhappy husbands kill their wives.”

    I will leave you to ponder that. Don’t worry it’s not a spoiler because the truth is something you will never guess, well at least I didn’t.

    So many questions, lots of red herrings (I missed some) and by 25% into the story I was completely hooked.

    Pick up this thriller that gets it all right, you won’t be disappointed.

    I received an ARC of this novel from the publisher through Edelweiss.

    This book is set to publish on February 18, 2020

  5. Holly B Holly B says:

    3.5 Stars

    I love a setting with a creepy house.

    Sadie and Will have just moved their family into a house they inherited on a small island in Maine.

    It smells musty, its dark and dreary with paneling and heavy drapery. That is not all though- The house has a disturbing history and it threatens to unravel the new occupants.

    Things aren't going well in the new neighborhood. Seems that murder is in the air.

    I was engrossed in the first third of the novel with the suspense and intriguing characters. I wanted to love this book, but the direction it took ultimately fizzled a bit for me.

    My third by the author and not my favorite, I was looking for a more thrilling read than what it turned out to be for me. You may want to give it a try, others have loved it.

    Thanks to NG/ publisher for my review copy. OUT on 2/18/2019

  6. Kaceey Kaceey says:

    How have I not read this author before!?💁🏻♀️

    It’s safe to say Sadie and Will have had their fair share of problems in Chicago! Time for a change in scenery, and a move to Maine might just be what they’re looking for to put their family back together.

    Only the murder of a neighbor unexpectedly shines the spotlight directly on Sadie and her family. Not on the dead woman’s husband! Come on...isn’t it always the husband!?

    Sadie was certainly not a likable character. She did so many things that were just down right bizarre, leaving me shaking my head. Let’s just say she won’t be winning any awards for doctor of the year...let alone mother of the year!

    This was a fun, twisty thriller that captured me from the beginning and loved each and every twist! I was kept in the dark guessing right up to the end! Ultimately my voice grew hoarse from screaming at the characters to stop their crazed, questionable behaviors!

    Loved it! I have a few of Ms. Kubica’s older books on my shelf and I’m anxious to go back and read them!

    A super fun and twisty buddy read with Susanne!

    Thank you to NetGalley, Harlequin Trade Publishing - Park Row and Mary Kubica for an ARC to read and review.

  7. Paromjit Paromjit says:

    Mary Kubica's latest psychological thriller is beautifully written, a dark, tense and unsettling novel of murder and madness. Sadie, a doctor and her professor husband, Will, move from Chicago to a small coastal town in Maine with their two children, looking for a new start after marital problems. Will has inherited an old, dilapidated and creepy house from his sister, who committed suicide in the house. They are now guardians to his niece, Imogen, an unsurprisingly angry and troubled teen who has just lost her mother and struggling to cope. Their lives are turned upside down when soon after arriving, their neighbour, Morgan Blaine, is found brutally murdered, stabbed to death. Finding herself under suspicion by the police, Sadie decides to look into the murder herself as her life spirals out of control.

    This has all the requisite elements of the psychological thriller, nothing should be taken at face value, inhabited by unlikeable and unreliable narrators, a host of suspects, and twists galore. Sadie has memory issues and a tendency to blame others, even her children, and wonders if Will was involved with Morgan, or is it possible that Morgan's husband killed her? There is a stalker to add to the mix, the beautiful and volatile Camille, obsessed with Will, feeling she has a prior claim on him, and intent on becoming his wife. 6 year old Mouse's widowed father has married a nightmare of a woman. In an atmospheric narrative, with the weather conditions deteriorating, the locals are suspicious of the incomers, there is intrigue, machinations, secrets and mental health issues. This is a dark, unsettling and entertaining thriller, with plenty of suspense and tension, to keep the reader hooked right up to end, although you are required to suspend your sense of disbelief. Many thanks to HQ for an ARC.

  8. Felicia Felicia says:

    Mary Kubica has done it again!

    She's written a compelling mystery with a failure of an ending. What is happening??

    This is the fifth Kubica book I've read and I have to say they are becoming less and less enjoyable.

    Unlike her previous endeavors, I couldn't get into the storyline, the main character was annoying and, unlike her previous books, this one was full of overly descriptive text.

    Will I still read her next book? Yep. 🤷‍♀️

    2.5 Stars ⭐

    ** Thank you to the publisher for my ARC in exchange for an honest review. **

  9. marilyn marilyn says:

    It was fun reading The Other Mrs and trying to figure out just what was going on and who was doing what. We have three main narrators for the story with another narrator joining the others, towards the end of the book. Sadie, Camille, and Mouse tell their stories, with little Mouse grabbing my heart.

    Sadie is a doctor who, with her husband and two sons, moves into her late sister-in-laws house. Sadie and her husband, Will, also become the custodians of Will's sixteen year old niece, Imogene, a disturbed, sullen goth teenager, whose communication skills are sorely lacking.

    Camille is a former roommate of Sadie, who feels like Sadie stole Will from her and Camille is going to fix that situation. She is actively stalking Sadie and Will and gives the indication that she'll do anything to make Will hers.

    Mouse is a creative, darling little six year old whose widowed dad marries a horrible, cruel woman. There are brief moments of animal and child abuse during Mouse's narration and she was my favorite character in this story.

    Not long after Sadie and her family move into her SIL's house, a SIL who committed suicide, a nearby neighbor is brutally murdered. Sadie has memory lapses and both her son Otto and Imogene have acted violently, causing Sadie to wonder if the murderer could be someone in her household.

    As the story progressed, there were some twists that I figured out but others that kept me stumped for most of the book. For me this was a fun buddy read and I want to thank Park Row/HarperCollins and Edelweiss for this ARC.

  10. Debra Debra says:

    An old house on an island off Maine. The creepy old home is now Sadie, Will, Otto and Tate's new home. Will's sister has died unexpectedly, and they move to the home to take care of their niece, Imogen. But this move is not the fresh start they are looking for. Soon their neighbor, Morgan is murdered, and the new family draws suspicion. Plus, Imogen is not very happy to have them there and is moody and withdrawn. Sadie worries about her older son, Otto having issues at school and still feels distant from her husband.

    Sadie, Camille and Mouse tell the story and there are twists and turns that keep the plot moving. There are many questions in this book besides Who killed Morgan? such as who Camille and Mouse are and how are their stories related to this family. If you think you know, you might just be mistaken!

    For me the reveal wasn't that shocking as I pretty much figured out most of the plot halfway through the book. It was still enjoyable and entertaining. I didn’t have everything figured out but almost. I do wish this one had been just a bit more thrilling and it didn't really register too much on my creepy meter. For me this was good not great.

    Although this was not my favorite of hers, I will be reading more of her in the future.

    Thank you to the publisher and Edelweiss who provided me with a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts and opinions are my own.