It is a very nice book but it does have incorrect information in it This book is a great start and reference to learning who s who.. Definite must read for all withes along with it s sister. a classic, and important book on the subject, recommend reading. If the reader is looking for the masculine side of Pagan deities, this is a good book for that I recommend it for the curious male looking into Wicca and or Paganism. I love , it is the best book. Another great readAs with the witches goddesses, great information I particularly like the ritual plays, both entertaining and thought provoking Great reference work. Good companion to the Witches Goddess This should be a foundational text for masculinity studies. Exploring The Masculine Principle Of Divinity This Companion Volume To The Witches Goddess Re Establishes The Ancient Balance Between God And Goddess Part I Covers The Many Concepts Of The God Examined, Including His Faces Throughout History The Son Lover God The Vegetation God The War God The Anti God And Part II Gives A Close Look AtIndividual Gods Of History With An Appropriate Invoking Ritual For Each Part III Presents A Comprehensive Dictionary Of OverGods From Many World Cultures, Past And Present The Farrars Are Among The Best Known Authors On The Craft, And In The Witches God Have Written What Is Likely To Become The Standard Work On The Masculine God Aspect Over , Sold