Spirituality is the realization there is a unifying reality Those among us who are seekers of G d know we all have the ability to connect to G d, to each other, and to nature Can we be spiritual in every aspect of our lives Our forefather Isaac exemplifies how G d wants us to incorporate spirituality in our every day lives There is only one G d, and Adonai is the G d of everything All of us have the same G d When we all come to fully understand what this means, the world will be a better place Isaac has so much to teach us about the spiritual depths of his story in the Torah While at first glance the Torah seems to tell us very little about Isaac, first impressions can indeed be very deceiving After reading about Isaac s own spiritual journey, your soul will be uplifted

10 thoughts on “What The Torah Teaches Us About Spirituality/ Through Isaac's Own Spiritual Journey

  1. Kevin Kevin says:

    This was an amazing book that provided excellent perspective on navigating through life with one s spirituality intact In addition, it helped deepen my spiritual bent, thereby allowing me to becognizant of how duty amidst the debate between right and wrong should play out in one s mind.

  2. J R J R says:

    I am writing this review as a spiritual practitioner who knows nothing about the Torah but quite a bit about spirituality Laura Weakley presents an easy to read treatise on spiritual life that is inspiring What the Torah Teaches Us contains one woman s intelligent perception on a relationship with God that is written from an open mind and an open heart Even though I have no knowledge of the path she is following I still find value in her words.