Turning the tables on a traumatic period in one's life becomes a mission for those set on healing their wounded souls This book provides a path for those eager to focus on their spiritual side, thus launching the healing and growth processes simultaneously Whether renewing one's faith or exploring it for the first time, reflection, growth, and understanding are destinations anyone may reach by utilizing this book's guidance as an opportunity to explore biblical lessons about healing

10 thoughts on “What The Torah Teaches Us About Survival

  1. William Rosen William Rosen says:

    I was amazed how when modern thinking is applied to ancient text the result is nothing short of astounding. I had to look and then look again to see the brilliance Laura exposes that has been here in plain view but has managed to elude us for so long. Truth is timeless and in her book, What the Torah Teaches us About Survival, is proof that the deeper we look the more we see. To me, her book has revealed many truths that can be applied to today's world and is something I can refer back to repeatedly. If you seek one book that explains the Torah and the relevance it contains to the world we live in, this is the book you want. Congratulations and Thank You for writing this book. It has changed my life.

  2. Laura Weakley Laura Weakley says:

    Since this is my book I refer you to my website which includes reviews people weren't able to post on Amazon.com. http://whatthetorhateachesusaboutsurv...

  3. Kevin Kevin says:

    This book hits home incredibly well - it will definitely provide a new, refreshing perspective for any individual finding him/herself in the midst of trying times. In addition, it is timely read, given the economic conditions and uncertainty facing many.

  4. Kevin Kevin says:

    It is my hope those who read What the Torah Teaches Us About Spirituality give this book a long look (if they haven't read it) - using these Biblical characters as inspiration provides clear perspective on negotiating life's twists and turns.