Since the publication of her previous books on witchcraft, Doreen Valiente has received many letters asking How can I find a witches coven How can I become a witch This book gives the answers It tells you what the old religion of witchcraft has to offer the new age how the ago old Craft of the Wise can be practiced in the modern world how to initiate yourself and start your own coven The author has been a practicing witch since 1953, and in this book she gives a new Book of Shadows the witch s handbook of rituals and instructions based upon ancient magical tradition but geared to present times Included are spells, incantations, witch songs, and practical advice on how to run a coven and how to acquire your own collection of magical implements.

10 thoughts on “Witchcraft for Tomorrow

  1. Erik Akre Erik Akre says:

    Witchcraft for Tomorrow is based on British traditions not my strong interest and this is definitely a British book But regardless of my North American bias, I am happy to have read this.What I liked very, very much was the style and sophistication with which Valiente writes Her clear intelligence and her eloquent writing will freshen the stagnant air for anyone who s become used to surface level, shallower treatments of the Wiccan religion Perhaps it might sadden us to see the difference in the literature since the late 1970 s I like the new stuff, but I like it like candy Valiente s book is hardy and nutritious In any case, read this for a thorough exposition of Wicca, for folk stories and lore, for good ritual poetry, for ethical discussions, for spells and Wiccan materials And enjoy reading something challenging, and rewarding.

  2. Steve Cran Steve Cran says:

    Doreen Valiente has written 3 4 classics on the old religion that are considered the bedrock for practicing Wiccans and Witches In it she gives a basic over view and enough material for the promising witch to get started In this book is the described history of Witchcraft gone over in some detail and a through comparison to other religious systems that hail from the far east Religions from China and India that predate Buddhism and Hinduism have a mother goddess and a horned god I have been skeptical of this theory but I feel that now there may be some firm basis to this hypothesis put forward by Dr Murray Doreen Valiente then goes on to discuss the ethics of Wicca who s foundation is do what thee will but harm none She discusses Crowley s use of it and where he got it from Doreen Valiente also discusses the theory that Gerald Gardner got everything from Crowley s OTO She puts the theory on it s head by pointing out that Crowley was one time a member of George Pickinggills Witch cult maybe at around or the same time that Gardner was part of it Crowley may have been expelled or left on his own Either case Crowley was not deemed suitable for the group He also was very sexist and did not like to be bossed around by women Gardner only knew Crowley for a brief period of time and there is no way he could have copied from Crowley ye they come from the same source, George Pickingill s teaching The rest of the chapters will discuss content similar to what one will find in a beginner s book on Wicca Such items would include tools and clothing of the witches, the importance of a working site and the use of Witches alphabets like the celtic Ogham and Norse Runes The book has a final chapter on Sex magick and using it to achieve magical goals and an ethical way to pursue the subject The final part of the book has a book of shadows which gives good advice on how to cast a circle, certain spell craft and various chants and invocations to the God and Goddess She gives a strong dose of her own opinion about the age of Aquarius and how we are ready for a new age Her attitudes on sex are liberal but not promiscuity and she is in favor of naturism or nudity A good book for someone contemplating following Wiccan teaching but if one were to get involved they would need to do much exploration The book is great fro what it is and the time period it was written Cannot go wrong with this one.

  3. Debra Debra says:

    Doreen Valiente is considered an expert on modern witchcraft, so I bought her book to gain some insight on her perspective about the topic She s certainly knowledgeable, but what really sets this book apart is Valiente s ancedotes about her experiences She knew Gerald Gardner, who many Wiccans regard as one of the founding fathers of modern Wicca Valiente provides trivia about other famous, or infamous, witches who were practicing the craft in secret, given that Britiain s Witchcraft Act was not repealed until 1951.I liked Valiente s personal, informal style and learned quite a bit, but there were also places where I was left confused Valiente s references to the Order of the Golden Dawn, for example, were intriguing, but she offered no explanation as to who they were or how they functioned Reading between the lines, it appears to have been or might still be a coven, but I wanted to know Happily, there is an extensive bibliography at the end for further reading and a useful index.

  4. Colubrina Laticauda Colubrina Laticauda says:

    Finalmente ho letto anche questo Questo un testo del 78 che come il precedente, ti dice di pi o meno le stesse cose di tutti i libri moderni stampati in Italia negli anni 90, ma c di pi Vedi da dove anche autori italiani hanno preso informazioni E qui ti spiega, quando pu , ti dice il perch delle cose Io sono una persona che non prende al 100% nulla come buono e sono sempre disposta ad ascoltare alte versioni di una notizia, sia chiaro, ma almeno qui ti dice di pi che in altri libri Questo, come il precedente, li ho letti per pura curiosit e ne sono rimasta pi che soddisfatta C moto di quello che di trovava agli albori su internet, in inglese o in italiano, ma sempre senza citazione delle fonti specialmente in italiano, mi dispiace ammettere.Devo capire perch sono stati tradotti cos tardi, ma l importante che sia stato fatto.Se vi interessa l argomento stregoneria moderna e Wicca, assolutamente da leggere.

  5. Charles Griggs Charles Griggs says:

    Staple of a Witchcraft LibraryThis is a decent book by one of the founders of the Gardnerian Tradition of Witchcraft who outlines important historical events and concepts in one of the modern schools of thought in British Witchcraft Valiente gives interesting history, though her language can at times be rather colonial as should not be surprising when regarding the circumstances she found herself in She, unfortunately, uses the concept of polarity, rather than complimentarity, to flesh out her magical theory, but besides that it is very good for a beginner I question the utility of self initiation given in Liber Umbrarum, however she presents a system that is both very workable and beautiful for novices and advanced practitioners alike.

  6. Michael Westbrook Michael Westbrook says:

    It can be a bit scholarly and dry at times and isn t the easiest read but it s a must read for anyone wanting the history and perspective of one of Wicca s founding mothers or rediscovering if you buy Margaret Murray s theory.

  7. Runafuego Runafuego says:

    Sin duda la mejor gu a que existe sobre Wicca de mano de la madre de la nueva religi n.

  8. Kosjitov Kosjitov says:

    Valiente s work in Witchcraft for Tomorrow is certainly above my expectations for a book published so long ago It certainly gives a clearer idea of Valiente herself for those interested in the former Gardnerian priestess She has quite a bit to say about just every practice involving witchcraft, so if anything, i would say she is highly opinionated not necessarily a bad thing but enjoys ferreting out details for the reader and presenting them in a sometimes overwhelming beat you over the head with it manner I will say that I appreciate a good deal of her sentiments in the introduction, as well as the frank honesty and forethought.I would recommend this as one of the seminal books of witchcraft to others, but I would pass along the reminder that the author is speaking in broad terms about witchcraft specifically, not Wicca in reference to her material in this book TLDR Quality book, a bit dry and taxing at times, but one of the core materials for anyone interested in witchcraft.

  9. Gabriel Clarke Gabriel Clarke says:

    The problem with coming to Doreen Valiente after Ronald Hutton s Triumph of the Moon is the hundred and one details from the latter you just can t un read Then there s the clear inheritance threading throughout of those innocent counter cultural times before AIDS and a clearer understanding of just who really benefitted from a liberated sexuality It s interesting and full of lots of intriguing, even inspirational moments and you can tell why so many pagans have found her an inspirational figure but it isn t personally the Wicca I m looking for.

  10. Rachel Rachel says:

    Greatly enjoyed it Valiente was a very well read and talented lady Her books are a pleasure to read, as is her poetry The section on divination with stones is especially interesting, and her Liber Umbrarum has given me a number of new ideas to incorporate into my practice.I would recommend this book to anyone interested in pursuing the practice or study of Wicca I think that it would be very beneficial to newcomers.